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How (NOT) to take a picture of the Sun

Avoid this costly mistake!

Jaro Kurimsky
The Sun has fascinated humanity since the very beginning. For photographers, the sun can be a very important subject in their photos. However, the sun is very potent and can damage your camera. The principle of not looking directly into the sun with the naked eye is valid for the camera, too. It’s very important to keep in mind the time of day and how much light  is able to go through your lens. If you don’t pay attention, this is what could happen:sun-burnt-shutterYes, there are two holes in my camera’s shutter! How this could have happened? I’m actually not sure. I only know that I took various shots of the sun, around midday, when it’s strongest. I had a very bright lens: Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 at 200mm. I might have gotten a few good shots, but I’d rather not have them and still have my camera in its fully operational state. Was following picture worth it?

So, after this learning experience that cost me £201.68, I recommend using an ND filter during the daytime or taking pictures only close to sunset, like following picture:


Have you made a costly mistake? Share it with us!


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