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Top Tenerife Locations for Landscape Photography

Where to find the best views on Tenerife?

Jaro Kurimsky
Tenerife Island offers great variety of breath-taking landscapes. From sandy beaches to the highest peak of Spain, from volcanic coasts to magical eucalyptus forests. I’ve had the privilege of living on this island for seven years and I have spent a lot of time outside with my camera. The following list is a compilation of my favourite locations for landscape photography.

1. Barranco de Erques and Surroundings


Being ready for the sunset on this place could be very rewarding. You can capture native plants as well as breathtaking sunset. To get the re from Las Americas it takes about 20 minutes drive and exact location is here:


2. Lighthouse at Punta del Hidalgo, La Laguna

The guardian of the northern coast silently stands and observes wild waters.


Exact location of this shot is here:


3.  Alcalá

The best kept secret beach for tourists: Black sand beach of Alcalá. It’s dominant feature is volcanic rock formation.

Alcala Tenerife

Exact location of this shot is here:


4.  El Teide National Park, Road TF 21


El Teide National Park takes up a large area. This spot is located on a curve towards El Teide peak from Los Cristianos, via Vilaflor.

Exact location is here:


5.  Playa de la Tejita and Montaña Roja

Playa de la Tejita is still uncharted by holidaymakers and is mostly visited by local residents coming here for leisure. This place is also a paradise for those who like to wake up early to take the silhouette picture of Red Mountain, or, Montaña Roja.

Exact location is:


6.  La Tarta del Teide

La Tarta del Teide is a place on TF 24 Road in El Teide National Park where you can safely stop the car and enjoy this magnificent view. On coastal area you can see old towns like Puerto de la Cruz and La Orotava. On days with good visibility, you can see another island called La Palma and its typical double peak.



7. Playa de Troya

Playa de Troya is very popular beach and a haven for tourists. During the day, it’s not particularly suitable for landscape photography. But, just before the sunset, it usually clears up enough to take amazing pictures.


Exact location of this shot is in front of Hotel Troya:

A visit to Tenerife is always very rewarding for a British photographer, especially in winter time. Recovering from cold weather and getting the opportunity to take plenty of awesome shots is a priceless experience.


Do you have a favourite location on Tenerife?
If so, leave us the name and your picture in the comment!

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