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Tokina 11-16 vs Tokina 11-20 sun flares comparison

Is it worth investing more money or upgrading to Tokina 11-20 F2.8?

Jaro Kurimsky

I owned both lenses but I had no chance to make side by side comparison. I offer you here real world pictures made on Nikon D7200.

Update photo:

After processing one set of pictures of sunset I made in Spain I noticed one more aspect of this lens. It occurs when you shoot against the sun, and you position the sun almost in perfect centre. On your photo then will appear greenish looking circle.

Round sun flare appears after taking picture with the sun in the centre of the image
Round sun flare

As you can notice, it’s not too bad but still appears on the picture. This however doesn’t represent for me enough reason to look for something else. I consider Tokina 11-20 F2.8 the best landscape lens for APS-C sensors camera. And if you pair it with the best APS-C sensor body, the Nikon D7200, results are stunning! Good luck, I hope this review helped!

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